HM-Tiltt Table , HM-Lamp 735 II, HM-X-

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FIME 2015

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HM-Neo 36 A6 / HM-3010 Vent

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  HM-Neo 36 A6 Infant Incubator W/Oxygen Controller *220 Volts HM-3010 Vent Ventilator without Compressor *220 Volts

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HM-CARDIO STRESS ST Analysis Review Post Test Stress Test Realtime Screen Display Higher Sampling Rate (4096 Hz) and Superior Resolution (12bits) for best ever ECG signal quality Custom ECG Sampling Screen Displays for clear and high quality viewing of real time ECG, Superimposed Reference/actual Averaged ECG Complex, Full Disclosure, in 1, 3, 6 or 12-