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ST Analysis Review Post Test
Stress Test Realtime Screen Display
Higher Sampling Rate (4096 Hz) and Superior Resolution (12bits) for best ever
ECG signal quality
Custom ECG Sampling Screen Displays for clear and high quality viewing of real time ECG,
Superimposed Reference/actual Averaged ECG Complex, Full Disclosure, in 1, 3, 6 or 12- lead mode
Instant Real Time ECG print outs or ECG Event Marker for later ECG review
HILLMED Holter algorhythm for Heart Rate Triggering, ECG Averaging, wandering baseline correction, antialising and noise
filtering technique
User settings for ST analysis from J-point or ST point, Absolute or Delta ST
Method, ST elevation and depression criteria
Actual ECG versus Reference ECG or prior stage ECG comparison during test
Color coded Arythmia analysis from HILLMED Holter ECG technology
Auto, Hold, Manual modes for Treadmill and Ergometer control
Auto or Manual NIBP measurement input
Full Disclosure ECG Review, Heart Rate Recovery, individual ST Graph with ECG replay with superimposition, multi trends and
graphs, ST reanalysis
Multiple well known Protocols integrated and unlimited creation of new protocols
Multi Ergometers, Treadmills, VO2 interfaces, 2 Analog ECG outputs
Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Tablet PC Compatible
E-mail, PDF, ASCII, GDT, HL7, Dicom interfaces..